Colorado Flood RELIEF Trip

October 18-20, 2013

Flood Relief trip to Boulder, Colorado

Who: Peter Groverman and David Harding will be leading this trip. They are hoping for a turn out of more than 100 volunteers. The RELIEF Foundation will be needing volunteers of many different skill sets from physical labor to comfort.

Where: Arrive by Friday October 18th at 10 am Mountain Time at the Congregation Har Hashem   Address: 3901 Pinon Drive, Boulder, CO 80303

You may arrive the night before if you would prefer and many will arrive the night before.



When: October 18 to October 20, 2013

What: The Relief Foundation will be offering RELIEF to those affected by the devastating flooding in Boulder and the surrounding areas of Colorado.  Nearly 2,000 square miles were affected by the “unprecedented” flooding. Across the state, the floods killed at least eight people and damaged or destroyed as many as 2,000 homes.

All-time record precipitation was recorded during a single week, Sept. 9-15, across many parts of Colorado.  One location in Boulder had a deluge of 16.9-inches of rain during the week and many spots had more than a foot of rain.

Now is your turn to give back!   Please contact us at if you would like to become a volunteer on this trip or upcoming trips.   We also understand that it is not possible for everyone to go with us.  If you cannot make this trip please help sponsor another volunteer or help us raise money so we can make this trip a reality.

Donation Amount: Volunteers will have to raise $200 and arrange for their own transportation to the Har Hashem facility in Colorado.  We will provide each volunteer with tools to help raise donations.  We also need donations of water, non-perishable food, snacks, work gloves etc…

Where will we stay: The Har Hashem will be our home base and we will be helping flood victims in the surrounding areas including Salina, Colorado.

Getting there: It is 40 minutes from Denver International Airport: To coordinate transportation please email

What will we be doing there: We will be breaking into teams to maximize our Relief over these few days. Depending on your physical fitness we will separate into groups who will be helping clearing mud from homes, repairing drywall, removing fallen trees, or helping to save pictures from houses that were destroyed.

We are currently accepting volunteer applications. Please email us with your information and why you should be selected for this trip at