Haiti Emergency Operations Center/Community Center

Scheduled Date of Completion: August 2012

On January 12, 2010 at 4:53pm, in just 36 seconds the force of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake changed the routine existence of the people of Haiti forever. Many lost their lives, lost their loved ones and many still remain without shelter. Haiti’s strength, perseverance, and fortitude were tested. Fortunately, the world responded to Haiti’s disaster. This response inspired the Haitian people to realize they were not alone.

The RELIEF Foundation along with officials from the City of Miami and the Consular General of Haiti, Charles A. Forbin, are embarking on a project to assist in establishing an Emergency Operations Center/Community Center for the people of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This building will serve as a preparedness center and safe haven when disaster strikes; it will serve as a centralized location where local officials can assist and prepare their residents during and following future natural disasters.

May 12. 2010- Fundrasier at Rusty Pelican Restaurant
This was a very successful event and we raiser over half the necessary funds for this project. With these donations we have paid half the $32,766.37 needed to purchase the shelter made by ADVTECH. Made in the USA, this building is one step closer to being completed and sent down to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


August 12, 2011-
We wish that this project was closer to being completed. There have been a number of issues finalizing the land that the project was going to be built upon. We have now been donated land by the Mayor of Port-au-Prince and are working hard to cordinate all the professionals who have donated their time and skills. Please see the attached letter about the land on which this project will be built.





December 10, 2011- New York Fundraiser

The Relief Foundation held a fundraiser on December 10th, 2011 from 5-8pm at the Bristol Plaza (200 East 65th St) for a very select group of 45 influential businessmen, politicians, and individuals who were committed to helping Haiti rebuild.  The Relief Foundation would like to thank Matthew Marco for hosting the event.