Sponsor A Volunteer

Relief Volunteer With Baby

Have you ever wanted to Give Back to those less fortunate?  Has someone helped you in your time of need?

The RELIEF Foundation understands that not everyone will be able to join us on a our RELIEF trip.  We also understand that planning ahead for disasters is a necessity often overlooked.  With your donations today you can Sponsor a Volunteer who is planning on donating their time to make a difference.

When a volunteer has reached the minimum donation amount for joining a trip they will automatically become enrolled to take part in a future trip.  Each trip has a different minimum as the costs associated with each trip vary.


Benefit of being a Sponsor!

By Sponsoring a Volunteer you will gain access to direct twitter feeds, blogs, emails, and pictures so you can see exactly how your donation is helping those in need.

Are the Volunteers given the money?

The donation will never go directly to the volunteer, but will be used to help buy supplies and travel arrangements for the volunteer on their RELIEF trip.

What happens if the volunteer does not make the minimum for the RELIEF trip?

Each volunteer is responsible for collecting the necessary donations to join a RELIEF trip.  If a volunteer fails to meet this requirement by the deadline then the volunteer can either decide to donate this money to another volunteer or they can decide to continue preparing for the next trip.  The sponsors will be sent an email detailing how their donation is being used.

Is there a maximum time limit for a volunteer collecting the minimum donations to attend a RELIEF trip?

If a volunteer is not active in the community for one year than the donations they have received will be donated to another volunteer who has expressed interest in attending a RELIEF trip.  All the sponsors will then become part of this new volunteer’s sponsor group.

Do I have to select a volunteer to sponsor?

Each volunteer has a profile in the member directory of the RELIEF Community.  You are welcome to select a volunteer from this group to make a specific donation.  If you do not select a volunteer the RELIEF Foundation will assign one for you.

If a Volunteer does not go on a RELIEF trip will I be reimbursed for my donation?

All donations will not be refunded.

Can I change the volunteer that I am sponsoring?

You are not limited to sponsoring only one volunteer.  If you make another donation to a different volunteer you will instantly become on their sponsor list.